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Welcome to IMEC  National Magazine. If you were told to come to this page you must register under Online/National Showcase. Your athlete was evaluated and selected to be featured in the largest National Prospect Magazine in the country. IMEC National Magazine is distributed to over 500 college and university coaches nationwide which, the athlete will be in and any remaining magazines for the remainder of the calendar year. IMEC is Not an Internet Recruiter. We travel up to 10 cities at the beginning of the year to host showcase events for our athletes. There is no possible way that we can travel to every state. However with as much success as we have had we want to make sure your athlete doesn’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of a IMEC National Magazine. As well as your athlete will also be featured on the IMEC Mobile App. IMEC has helped over 1000’s of athletes receive scholarships and 850 of those athletes were NCAA Division I. All of these athletes were featured in our magazine in the last 36 months. And with that type of success your athlete will want to take advantage immediately.


IMEC National Magazine registration fee is $299 for exposure until signing day, February 2017. IMEC leads the way in gaining athletes exposure to colleges, universities and their coaches from across the country. For more information about what IMEC has to offer your athlete please read below.


1. IMEC profiles your athlete in our national magazine that will be mailed out to 500 colleges. Your athlete will be featured in the remaining IMEC magazines in the present physical year. Info in mag: picture, email, position, height, weight, class, and state that the athlete plays in.

2.  IMEC will contact 500 colleges and/or universities by phone call. To make sure they have received the magazine profile.

3. IMEC profiles your athlete on the mobile app that goes out to over 600 coaches quarterly. This allows coaches to recruit on the go.

4. IMEC sends updates about the mobile app to college coaches six-times throughout the year. To keep abreast and in contact with coaches. “Consistency equals Success.”

5. IMEC will provide one year of college recruiting strategies, planning and guidance accumulated from working with past IMEC athlete families and 15+ years of personal recruitment experience through our magazines blogs and emails.  Learn to avoid costly oversights, make better choices, increase scholarship opportunities and beat the competition.

6. Once registered the new IMEC Athlete will receive at the showcase an IMEC gear pack that includes an IMEC t-shirt, IMEC backpack and IMEC braclet band.



IMEC National Magazine is the largest High School Recruiting Magazine in the country. IMEC Magazine is distributed to over 500 college and university coaches nation wide March, June, and Sept. IMEC Magazine Maximizes your athletes potential to receive a scholarship. So we don’t only put the athlete in a magazine and expose him/her we continue to expose the athlete all year. Our motto, “Consistency equals Success.”



IMEC Summer edition distributes in June. This edition will be given to college coaches before summer camp. During this session college coaches, will host camps at every college across the nation. IMEC makes your athlete stand out as a prospect to watch amongst the thousands of other athletes during camp season in its Summer Edition. Magazine goes to 500 schools and we contact 500 schools.


MID YEAR SCOUTING MAGAZINE National 2017 (Edition 3 incl w. Edition 2)

IMEC Mid year edition distributes Oct 1. This is half way through the season edition and when your athlete has new tape out. We will get your athletes new information out mid season to maximize their chances by the end of the season. IMEC Magazine goes to 500 schools and we contact 500 schools.


IMPORTANT: Once your athlete is registered for $299, IMEC will mentor and help your athlete for the remainder of the present physical year. Your athlete will also be featured in the remaining magazines of the present physical year for no additional charge.


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