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IMEC is Success
Over 850 of our featured athletes have signed Scholarships in the last 36 months.Consistency equals Success.

IMEC National Magazine
Goes to 500 coaches at once not like going to two or three in a summer. Wow huge exposure! You will be featured all year.

IMEC Mobile App
Videos viewed on over 650 coaches mobile phone. Easily downloaded from Google Play Store and the App Store.

About IMEC

If you are reading this information your athlete has been selected to be featured in IMEC National Magazine

 IMEC National Magazine was formed by former coaches and players. IMEC believes that every athlete should be exposed to have an opportunity to reach his or her full potential. IMEC leads the way in recruiting nationally. Our magazine distributes to over 500 Coaches and Universities. Over last 36 months IMEC has helped 110s of athletes receive scholarship to further their athletic and academic careers. IMEC has outstanding success over 650 of those athletes went to Division 1 institutions. We serve all college scholarship levels of Universities including Division I, IAA, II, NAIA and junior college. IMEC is on the cutting edge of technology with its National Magazine and its Mobile Applications that your athlete will be featured in. IMEC feels that they stand alone in this recruiting world. We travel to over 10 cities annually and seek out discovered and undiscovered prospects.

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