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IMEC Fitness and Training Complex

Over the past 16 years, thousands of young athletes who trained at IMEC Fitness and Training Complex received athletic scholarships to play Division 1 college sports. More than 25 athletes reached the professional ranks of football, basketball, baseball, soccer, boxing, softball, lacrosse and track. 

In addition to sport-relevant training for student-athletes, IMEC Fitness and Training Complex offers weight loss programs for children diagnosed as obese. Boys and girls interested in weight loss and physical development have access to advanced exercise equipment, customized drills and certified athletic trainers. 

IMEC Fitness and Training Complex develops athletes to be physically fit and mentally strong. Youth athletic training consists of two-hour sessions focusing on strength building, agility, endurance, explosion, posture and speed.  

IMEC Fitness and Training Complex customizes workout plans and schedules to meet the needs, capabilities and desired outcomes of youth clients and student-athletes. Workout sessions include these activities: 

  • Mechanics Evaluation
  • Strength Building Exercises
  • Sport-Specific Explosion Drills
  • Corrective Exercise Techniques
  • Speed and Agility Training
  • Mobility Training
  • Flexibility and Stability Training
  • Sport-Relevant Applications
  • Conditioning and Endurance
  • Nutrition Guidance

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